The Difference

The Difference


Diagram highlighting the traditional method of battered fish cooking


Diagram highlighting the new and improved method as developed by Havelok Ltd

With BATTER ME UP®, you use the fillets straight from frozen. This eliminates the significant drip loss experienced when defrosting before use. You can buy a smaller fillet size and the customer doesn’t lose out on portion size.

The fillets are pre-coated in a protective rusk. Uneven and slightly rough to the touch, this provides a good key coat that allows the top batter to adhere to the fillet. As pre-flouring the fillets is not needed, there is less mess. Space and prep time are also reduced so staff can be utilised elsewhere.

Simply use as few or as many portions as you need. The fillets take just 30 – 40 seconds longer to fry and our testing has shown further reduced weight loss when frying from frozen compared to defrosted. There is no visible difference when the product is served. Our customers report a consistently better eat than defrosted fish thanks to the moisture and flavour being retained.